Our Terms and Conditions

Maidstone Volleyball Club is committed to creating and upholding traditions of excellence through volleyball, focusing on responsibility and accountability.

Everyone involved in the sport of volleyball is responsible for his or her own behaviour whether on the court, the bench or as a parent/guardian.

  1. Fees must be paid in advance of sessions/matches in advance of the event. Failure to make payment by 8pm the day prior will result in your place on the session opened back up to other members.
  2. Fees must only be paid via bank transfer, we will not accept cash at the session.
  3. Any transfers to other clubs will not be authorised until all money owed are paid back in full and all club property that may be in your possessions returned in good condition.

Athlete’s Code of Conduct

As an athlete, I:

– Will take care of my body and fitness.

– Will participate in volleyball alcohol and drug free.

– Will volunteer within the club and pay my fees in a timely manner.

– Will work hard and honestly to improve performance and participation of not only myself but my team as well.

– Will use positive verbal and physical behaviour, controlling my temper and aggression towards my opponents, teammates, coaches, officials, spectators and tournament personnel.

– Will play by the rules of volleyball.

– Will treat all those involved in the match with dignity and respect.

– Will treat others as I wish to be treated.

– Will respect the property of the club and others.

– Will communicate in a timely matter if I am unfit or unavailable for training.

– Will arrive 10 minutes early to every training session to ensure I am warm and ready to train.

– Will give 100% at every training session and match for my coach, team and my club.

COVID-19 Terms

Maidstone Volleyball Club will be operating under strict COVID-19 safety regulations. Our members are expected to fully comply with any and all government guidelines as well as any additional safety measures implemented by the MVC or by Maidstone Leisure Centre. This includes, but is not limited to:

– Maintain social distance at all times prior to training throughout the Maidstone Leisure Centre facilities.

– Wear a face mask at all times prior to training throughout the Maidstone Leisure Centre facilities.

– Not attend sessions if they show symptoms of COVID-19

All attendees will be also be required to fully comply with all additional safety instructions provided by the coaches and COVID-19 officers present at the sessions.

Moreover, booking of all sessions for the 2020/2021 season will be done through the app “Spond”. This is to ensure maximum number of participants per session is not exceeded and also to allow for easy cashless payments. MVC coaches and officers will not handle any cash and access to the session will only be possible if payment has been made prior to the session.

Failure to comply with any of the above will result in the attendee being denied access to training.

Photo Consent

The club has an active social media presence and a website. From time to time, to keep the club’s profile up to date and to attract new members, we share videos and/or photographs of our sessions, matches and other events.

If you do not wish for your pictures to be included, please make sure you inform us immediately.